In a remote corner of Northern Thailand lives the MRABRI tribe. The whole tribe numbers less than 300 people and is of unknown origin. Untill about 20 years ago they lived as nomadic hunters/gatherers in the jungle. With the forest cover steadily shrinking, and the wildlife devastated by civil war, their life became increasingly difficult. To survive they had to work for other people, and were exploited sometimes to the point of slavery.
At this point an american Missionary and his family took an interest in the tribe, and with the help of a former textile expert, started teaching the members of the tribe how to make hammocks. It turned out that this occupation was tailor made for this tribe, and starting from modest beginnings it became a great success. Nowadays about 40 members of the tribe find well-paid and interesting work with our project.
Besides hammock weaving, we also colour all cotton yarns ourselves.
Our sister company in the well known tourist resort of PAI, is in charge of all sales, and the developpement of new products.

Our aim is not to imitate other products (e.g.from Mexico) but to create new and better products. Beeing a small and dynamic company, we are able to react very quickly to customer requests.