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A Brief History of Lan Na: Civilizations of North Thailand

(Hans Penth)

Lan Na is the name of a conglomerate of Thai city-states which, mostly under the leadership of the city-state Chiang Mai, covered about the area of modern north Thailand between the 13th and 16th centuries and extended its influence far into the neighbouring regions. The Brief History gives concise information on main events, situations and development trends from the beginnings to the present. The writing of Lan Na's history is still in its infancy; much is as yet unknown. This volume is a step towards developing a fuller history of the region.

Hans Penth, is a philologist-historian, and a specialist in northern Thai history. Working since 1965 at Chiang Mai University, he founded its Archive of Lan Na inscriptions, and has nearly 100 scholarly publications to his credit.

(ISBN 974-7047-29-2, vi, 74 pp, 31 b/w photographs, 1 map, 145x215 mm, Baht 125.00)


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