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H'mong Batik: A Textile Technique From Laos

(Jane Millinson, Nancy Donnelly, Ly Hang)

This small compendium tells a seldom expressed tale of a people and gender few would know without the voice of their craft. Amply illustrated and ripe with folklore and history, H'mong Batik provides a view of a culture as well as an illustrated guide to the unique heritage of a people constantly in transition.

Written by a Blue H'mong artisan and two anthropologists this book is a must for artists, scholars of refugee studies, anthropologists, storytellers, and anyone interested in the sometimes joyous, sometime sad stories of a people revealed in a unique way. A bibliography for further study is included.

"H'mong Batik: A Textile Technique from Laos celebrates the artistry of Blue H'mong women..." --Ruth Hammond, fiction writer and editor of the Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Newsletter

(ISBN 974-7100-21-5, 87 pp, 230x200mm, paper, Baht 250.00)

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