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Every Day Holiday - Hilltribe-Internet-Cyber-Kitchen - Pasang-Village / Chiangrai - Thailand 360 Moo. 3 - Soi 1 - 57110 Pasang/Mae Chan - Tel./Fax: +66 (053) 77 13 13 - edh@gmx.net

List of Cyber Cafes in Thailand

May 1, 1998 - Some words at the begin: - There are now many Cybercafes/Internet-Access-Points through out THAILAND - our listing shows only a few of them - and please send us an eMail, if you know some very special/cheap/spectacular/interesting or just funny places - We will add your info then to our listing!
Diamond Quadrangle/Chiangrai



Koh Phangan

Koh Samui



More listings about Cybercafes

Diamond Quadrangle (Thailand-Laos-Burma-China) Pasang/Chiangrai

edh-hick - Hilltribe-Internet-Cyber-Kitchen


the SMALLEST Cyberkitchen WORLDWIDE!
Who knows a smaller one - just
eMail us!

Visit Cyberkitchen!

360 Moo. 3, Soi 1, Ban Pasang (Pasang is a quiet village in Northern Thailand), Mae Chan, 57110 Chiangrai (betweenChiangrai and Mae Sai)
Tel./FAX +66(053) 77 13 13
FAX +66(053) 660-839
We have 1 terminal - PowerMAC - 120 MHz - 48 RAM, 2,5 GB, and a 33.6kbps connection and a colour Inkjet-Printer in a KITCHEN, sitting on abarchair....NO...sitting down on a normal chair - the pix is HISTORY!!!! - was too bad for our eyes!
Internet, surfing the WWW: Minimum 15 minutes for only 50 Baht, add. minutes 2 Baht - for example: 1 hour is 140 Baht
Check Pop Account Online: 50 Baht for 15 Min. minimum
E-Mail-Service: cansend and receive email: for our guests, who stay min. 1 night in our realguesthouse (homestay), up to 2 Kilobytes = FREE!!! more or non-guest, onlypassing by10 Baht to send 1 Kilobyte, 5 Baht to receive at our address
Computer Timerental: 60 Baht for one hour, Telnet: Yes
Open: 24 hours
Food: Swiss, THAI, Chinese, Continental, Homemade bread, cheese many drinks and
Entertainment: more then 200 CDs, Video-Concerts etc. etc.and do not forget: EDH at HICK !
We also offer internet publishing services. Home Pages forindividuals and corporations.


Business-Center in Banglamphoo....quiet location....restaurant and 50 rooms...not a real Cybercafe....but just the right place for the traveller-businessman/woman:

New Joe - Hotel - Guesthouse

81 Trokmayom
Chakrapongse Road
Bangkok 10200
(just a sidewalk from Kaosan-Road...but really quiet place!)
Tel. +66 2 281 29 48
Fax: +66 2 281 55 47

ask for Mr. Kurt Leypoldt, German with Thai-Wife and baby....
er spricht auch Deutsch...

E-Mail-Address: kurt@mozart.inet.co.th

for Guesthouse-Guests .... 1 E-Mail FREE per day!!!


58, Khaosan Road, Banglampoo, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.Tel. 66-2 281-0803 Fax. 66-2 281-2026 E-mail: travel@olavi.com

Olavi Mapmore eMail-addresses

for info on internet service/cyber cafe
general mail box for travellers.
All received messages printed and kept on file for 2 months.

Opening hours

10am - 12pm

We can 'order in' food or drink for customers from the Chart Restaurant& bar.

Our prices
3B per minute (minimum 10 mins) for use of computer terminal for whateverpurpose.

Our equipment

We have a LAN network of 6 COMPAQ pentium 200 mmx, 32 mb RAM on a 56k connection.

Olavi Map We have a scanner, colour printer and CD writer. Scan photos to send with email, print photos to plainpaper, enlarged or reduced. Download from digital cameras to CD. We have links to all the popular mail sites.
We can help you check POP accounts using whicheversystem you prefer. We have Telnet, ICQ, Powwow, Mirc, internet phone with video camera.
We alsohave a word processor, spreadsheet and database program.
Our Travel agency is in the next office, providing all types of domestic and international tickets. Wepride ourselves in offering fair and honest information with all travel enquiries, even if that means notselling you a ticket. We gain much more than we lose by developing this trust with our customers, who tend to stay with us.
We have an international fax and telephone service. We are also agents for TNT, providing 3 daydelivery of parcels and documents around the world.

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AM Computer Plaza Bangkok

Ambassador Hotel, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 13, Bangkok
E-mail : fort@infonews.co.th

With our warmest welcome & techno friendly staff and a low cost internet access formula, is now waiting for you here at the Cyber Restaurant on the 3rd floor of Am Computer Plaza, Ambassador Hotel, Sukhumvit 13, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
The service charge is 150 baht/hour and our minimum charge is 100baht/1-30mins. We have also the promotion for the customers. Please feel free to write us if you require more information.
Our telephone number is 254-0444 ext. 1575 .
It opens at 10.00-19.00 everyday.

Hello Internet Cafe

We are located at: 63-65 KhaoSan Rd., Banglampoo, Bangkok, 10200 Thailand. In the Middle of Khao San Rd.! Second floor of the HelloRestaraunt. Opposite D & D Inn. Tel. (662) 629-1280, Fax. (662) 629-1283. We have ten terminals anda 28.8 kbps connection for all computers (max. for Thailand). Prices Internet: 50 Baht for 15 min.,minimum. 10 Baht for 3 min., after minimum. Check Pop Account Online: 50 Baht for 15 min. minimum.Email Service: Can send and receive email. 20 Baht to send 1 kilobyte. 10 Baht to receive at our address.Computer Time Rental: 120 Baht for one hour. Telnet: Yes. Also: IRC, Internet Phone, FTP and Net 2Phone connection (connects from internet to regular telephone). Open 10 AM - 10 PM. Food: Italian,continental, Thai, snacks and drinks. Our Home Page: http://www.hellocafe.com

C y b e r C a f e Bangkok

Ploenchit Centre - Sukhumvit-Road
E-mail : cybercafe@chomanan.co.th
Tel : (662)973-3146-50 Fax : (662)973-4246

Cyber Cafe' is a Business Centre where Internet enthusiasts can relaxwith a drink and surf the Internet. It is one of the most absolute conceptunder the idea of Chomanan Group.
Cyber Cafe' is designed to be as your home atmosphere. You can sit and relax in the most friendly atmosphere, in your privacy corner while surfing the internet.

Cyber Cafe' provides the hardware and software to run the internet system. The PC Pentium150 and 17" monitor are chosen among the set of powerful medium. Scanner and color printer also available for your most convenience. Relaxing yourself with snack, Hot and Cold drinks.

Welcome you to touch and fill your dream of internet on the second floor of Ploenchit Centre, Thailand Our door is open to everyone. You don't have to worry about bookings, just drop in and try our tasty cappucino.

Open to everyone from ten o'clock in the morning till nine in the evening.

Our trained staff help you explore the world of electronic communication.
Cyber Cafe' is located on the 2nd floor, Ploenchit Center which is on Sukhumvit Road.


Yes, this from LONDON, now also in Thailand ... in Bangkok
654/8 Sukhumvit Rd, cnr Soi 24(259 3356-7, fax 259 3358, e-mail cyberia@cyberia.co.th, Sun-Wed 10.30am-11pm, Thur-Sat10.30am-midnight. Startling interior to Bangkok's most professional internet cafe, with copper walls, aprojection wall, a rubber bar, liquid-filled screens, and oval computer pods suspended from a ceiling rail.The space is huge, though the 15 terminals downstairs and 15 in the upstairs training room could do withmore room and higher chairs. They serve beer (B70-B90), wine (B90-B100), sandwiches, pizzas, salads(B70-B100), and fresh Illy coffee. Conference room, regular events, free internet accounts Has broadappeal, yet a fashionable cachet; expect some mellow dance music evenings. Snazzy Cyberiamerchandise on sale. Web site at: http://www.cyberia.co.th

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The Escape Bar + Restaurant

63/1 Changmoi Kao Road, Chiangmai

E-Mail-Address: escape1@iname.com

Tel. (053) 874-065

open from 08.00 am to 12.00 pm

Surfing the WEB, Telnet, FTP, E-Mail (send + receive or access your own)

Baht 200 per hour

Entertainment: Darts, TV, Movies and a variety of good music

The Cybercafe offers excellent food, Thai and Western, fresh brewed coffee and drinks.

America Restaurant + Bar

402/1-2 Thapae Road, Chiangmai

E-Mail-Address: sangmani@iname.com

Tel. (053) 252-190

open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

Surfing the WEB, Telnet, FTP, E-Mail (send + receive or access your own)

Baht 200 per hour

The Cybercafe offers excellent food, Thai and Western, fresh brewed coffee and drinks.

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Just *the* Internet-Cafe in Koh Samui:

Go Internet Café

The first Cyber Caféin Koh Samui, South Thailand!

Who we are, what we do and where to find us:

So fare we got two Pentium 166 loaded with MS-Windows 95 in theCafé and offer WWW, e-mail service, Telnet and IRC to our customers.

The Café is designed as a meeting point for all people, interested in Computers and Internet and also hosts the monthly meetings of the newly founded "Samui Computer User Group".The Go Internet Café understands its role not only inpromoting the use of the Internet for education and business,but it is our desire to promote and protect Koh Samui andThailand with its rich culture and fascinating natural attractions in the South and North, in general.

Online 300.- Baht/hour
off-line 200.-Baht/hour
Return e-mail is free!

URL-Addr.: goin@samart.co.

We are located in Chaweng Beach directly opposite the biggest hotel.

The Central Samui Beach Resort.

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Explorer Internet cafe'

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:29:52 +0700

Dear Mr.martin,I've just visit your Homepage checking infomation about Internet cafe'please update explorer Internet cafe' at pattaya, They just move down hereto the
front of Siam bay View hotel, (Not far away from Royal Garden PlazaMall, The Old place)
They really fast internet I ever met. (8 Kbytessometimes!!) and the price is not quite different,
240 Baht/Hour = 4baht/minute.
Member get more 36-50% discount !!.Joe.Kindly note that replies can only be made to the following address :
don't use 'station@cybersurf.co.th'Thank you
explorercybercafe' in PattayaThailand

Travellers and Resident can also use:


183/12 Soi Post Office
(a few shops from the beach on theright side)
Tel. (038) 421-475, 429-123
opening hours: 9.30 -18.30
prices: 200 Bht./hrs, 50 Bht. for email (10 min.)other facilities: Local ISP for Loxinfo, Software consultant for and PC
eMail-addresses: prasan@loxinfo.co.th

Dr. Prasan Stianrapapongs
Apple Pattaya Computer Co., Ltd.
183/12 Soi Post Office
Pattaya 20260, Thailand
Tel. (038) 421475, 429123
Fax. (66 38) 428506

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Subject: update our cybercafe service
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:13:16 +0700
Phangan Batik Internet Service Dear Khun Martin and Khun Goi,Thank you very much to add our place on your cyber cafe list. We 'regoing to update our website and add a list of cybercafe in Thailand.(You're included definitely, so please inform us of you latest serviceand price and anything you like to say for our information. We'll informyou as soon as our website is finished.And would you please update our service on your website as follow:Our shop's name:

Phangan Batik Internet Service

Address: 79/11 Thongsala Koh Phangan Surat Thani Thailand 84280Tel / Fax: 66-(077) 238401E-mail address: batik@loxinfo.co.th


Our service and cost: - We have 4 brand new pentium 166 mhz and up PCwith 33.6 fax modem

                        - e-mail & internet online 4 bht / minutes                         - receiving e-mail from our address 20 bht (printed out)                        - computer rental 150 bht/ hour (with graphic software) and printer                        - Internet phone service (coming soon)Thank you.SanyaPhangan Batik Internet ServiceKoh Phangan Surat Thani

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235 Moo. 2, Tambon Ao Nang
81000 Krabi
Penny's Guesthouse
Homepage: Penny Guesthouse
TEL.: +66 (75) 637-295 and +66 (01) 4-768-902
FAX: +66 (75) 637-468
Not a real cybercafe, but the place to check the E-Mail etc. etc.
Also a good guesthouse, owned by an Englishman, John, married with hisfriendly Northern-Thai-Wife, PENNY!

Plenty of photos available in website.  You may download and copy if you like.   - opening hours  not fixed.   We meet the requirements of our guests.- for prices see full details in our website.   Click on "bedrooms"!

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and here are some other


Joie Cyber*Star

8070 La Jolla Shores Drive Suite 460
La Jolla, CA. 92037 USA
Phone: (619) 454-5099
Cell: (619) 709-7557
FAX: (619) 454-5074
Web: http://www.cyber-star.com

** World Wide Showcase for Multi Media Interactive Cyber Cafe Industry **
sure the biggest Database for all cybercafes worldwide!!!

Europäische Cybercafé-Liste:


Ernst Larsen, Web-Editor, Internet Café Guide

Netcafe-Guide & another one!
Kanabakken 9 Phone: +47 789 51860 (p) +47 789 50900 (j)
N-9800 Vadsoe, Norway Ernst Larsen

Individual information from " MARTIN + GOI "!

Und noch mehr Infos direkt bei " MARTIN + GOI "!

Wer weiss noch ein Cyber Café in Thailand oder ganz Asien (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam,etc. etc.)? Dann schreibt uns, danke für die Mithilfe!

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